The Rural Hotel Lugo's House is in Agulo, to the north of the island of La Gomera. Placed in the historical hull of the people, located between the sea and the mountains, one of the best preserved peoples and undoubtedly someone, one of the most picturesque municipalities of the whole Canary geography.

The hotel turns out to be an ideal place to know the people and the north of the island, as well as to practise the hiking across the wide variety of paths that connect not only the historical hull with the high zones, but with diversity of natural spaces which are only in the landscape of the island. Also ideal place to know Garajonay's National Park or simply to enjoy calm and cozy spaces.
Placed in the heart of the people, where for his privileged location it can find to scanty meters, pharmacy, medical center, trade of clothes, supermarkets, parkings, bank, restaurants, gymnasium, etc, where it is not necessary to move in car if this way you prefer it.
Agulo is a Spanish municipality belonging to the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It is placed in the north of the island of La Gomera (Canaries). Stands out the great beauty of the ancient core, where everything helps to form a harmonic environment, beginning for the rustic houses grouped of the hull, the narrow and paved streets, as well as the predominant greenery that surrounds it and his jets of water or waterfalls that fall down from the top of the summits.
It is a picturesque northern municipality opened for the Atlantic Ocean, with the beak of The Teide always present in his landscapes. This Municipality is the smallest of the island of La Gomera, is nailed to the feet of a great wall of basalt and one forms precious green "balcony" on the sea; it is composed by three cores, the Montañeta, The Houses and El Charco.
The town of Agulo is considered to be "The Bombon of La Gomera", thanks to his indisputable attraction and his elegant aspect. Agulo is full of agreeable paved streets and precious houses of tile with gardens of self-consumption around it. It possesses a rich history and an important art heritage for discovering. Agulo possesses one of the historical hulls better preserved of the whole Canary Islands.From the top two cores linked by the imposing Church of St. Mark, with his domes of concrete meeting form to the space on form of cross.The houses are arranged between terraces and greenery following the models of vernacular architecture, with large windows and walls with symmetrical doors, Portuguese influence, wooden balconies and tiled roofs arranged two or four waters.In occasions the housings possess interior patios where there was done the domestic life, case that happens in the municipality in the principal houses due to being nailed in the urban hull, since those who are to the suburbs possess the court in the exterior zone. The particular captivation of the urban hull, it does that we could find urban housings with a special captivation and that they deserve to be emphasized inside the historical set of Agulo. The majority of these constructions were constructed during the XIXth century and beginning of the XXth, when the economic summit of the municipality was high.The set of houses create a unit since we do not find other one in the island, both for his typology and for his spatial distribution. These housings are protected environmentally for his historical and constructive value. The House of The Lugo is one of these housings to standing out inside the urban hull. Agulo has an extension of 25,39 km² and a population of 1.200 inhabitants (INE, 2009). His altitude is 260 meters on the level of the sea and has a length of coast of 8,55 km.
In the municipality one finds the Visitor's Center of Bolas, where information offers brings over of Garajonay's National Park. Other places of interest are Roque Blanco's Viewing-point, the Church of San Marcos and the Hermitage of San Marcos.
The festivities that are celebrated in the municipality are: the holidays of Santa Rosa of Lima (the third weekend of August) in the Neighborhood of The Roses; the holidays of Our Lady of the Mercy (at the end of September), mistress of the municipality, in Agulo's hull; holiday of San Marcos Evangelist (between the 24th and 25th of April), boss of the municipality; San Isidro's holidays farmer (the second weekend of May) in the neighborhood of The Palmita. Besides, in the surrounding areas of the Visitors' Center, there is celebrated every year a Meeting Folclórico that it assembles to groups of the all island. His principal population are Agulo hull, The Roses, The Palmita and Lepe's House.
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